Florida DirectPost-Office Services

Certified Letters

  • Notice of Claim of Lien and Sale notifies the owner, lienholder and insurance company that the towed vehicle will be advertised for auction
  • Good Faith Letter requests local law enforcement to do a thorough check of the vehicle to establish prior state of registration and for title
  • Out-of-State Record Request Letter is sent to the titling state of the vehicle requesting vehicle/owner information
  • On-Line Tracking and Delivery Data allows customers to electronically track certified mailings, pre-calculate auction date, provide proof of mailing (3877), newspaper ad creation tool and auction/newspaper reminders
  • Notice to Owner that states the motor vehicle is ready for pick up. Salvage pools can mail this form certified mail with return receipt

Towing Companies: Notice of Claim of Lien or Sale and Letter Tools

The DirectPost-Office (DPO) letter program is an incredible time-saving tool for Florida tow companies. Using the owner/lien holder insurance information from an ADD query, users can create certified Notice of Claim of Lien letters and skip the trip to the post office. DPO helps towing companies create and mail letters, as well as track their progress and print delivery confirmation details, all of which streamlines the notification process in a cost-effective way.

DPO’s easy-to-use tools help tow companies research owner, lien holder and insurance information, generate letters, and track the progress of sent mail. Tow companies in Florida can also use Auto Data Direct’s web-based tools to create newspaper ads, create a Certificate of Destruction or Wrecker Operator Lien, create a Transfer of Title application, or verify a driving history.

DPO is an innovative web-based tool that allows tow companies:

  • Access Florida motor vehicle records
  • Create notification letters with data pre-populated from the motor vehicle record
  • Submit certified letters to USPS from your computer
  • Track letters
  • Print DirectPost-Office delivery detail
  • Create newspaper auction ad
  • Print packet for the Tax Collectors office

Body Shops and Mechanics: Notice of Claim of Lien

Body shops or Auto Repair facilities are able to pull vehicle inquiries, for owner/lien holder information, and to send out their notice of Mechanic Lien on vehicles that have been abandoned after the work has been completed. A Mechanic Lien allows the repair facility to sell the vehicle at auction to recuperate monies owed.

Recovery Agents: Notice of Impound for Repossession Agents

The Notice of Impound form must be sent after a recovery has been completed. Pursuant to Florida Statute 493.6404 (2) the recovery agent must notify registered owner that they must claim all personal property left in the collateral at the time of the repossession within 45 days. This letter must be sent with either United States Post Office certificate of mailing or by certified mail.

Salvage Storage Facilities: Florida Notice to Owner that Motor Vehicle is Available for Pick-up

Upon receipt of HSMV form 82089 from the insurance company this form must be sent to the registered owner of the listed vehicle by United States Post Office certified mail. It will notify the owner that if the vehicle is not claimed within 30 days after notice is received that the business/entity has the authority to apply for either a Certificate of Title of a Certificate of Destruction in their name pursuant to Florida Statute 319.30(9)(b). The business/entity must wait to apply for title or certificate of destruction for 30 days after the letter has been received. If the letter is not signed for and returned the business/entity will base the 30 day wait period on the date of the post mark.

Available Forms

  • Application for Derelict Motor Vehicle Request to Cancel (FL-HSMV 82137)
  • Bill/Notice of Sale (FL-HSMV 82050)
  • Certificate of Destruction (FL-HSMV 82012)
  • Florida Notice or Discharge of Repo Recovery Attempt (FL-HSMV 82191)
  • Transfer Title (FL-HSMV 82040)
  • Wrecker Lien (FL-HSMV 82497)