Electronic Lien and Title Services

Electronic Lien and Title, or ELT, refers to the method of exchanging vehicle, title and lien information electronically with a state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. ADD’s ELT systems offer lienholders the opportunity to reduce the handling, storage and mailing costs associated with paper titles by replacing them with electronic titles.

ADD offers ELT services in Florida, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina and other ELT states.

In an ELT process, lien notifications and releases are transmitted electronically between the DMV and the lienholder through an authorized service provider. When no paper title certificate exists, titles are referred to as “electronic titles” or “e-titles.” Liens are registered on e-titles electronically through ELT service providers.

ELT Services

ADD’s ELT services allow lenders to:

  • Obtain an ELT number necessary to process liens on electronic titles with state DMVs
  • Receive electronic title assignment from a state DMV
  • Request a paper title be mailed directly to the lender without releasing a lien on a vehicle
  • Release a lien on a vehicle and provide the owner notice of the unencumbered electronic title
  • Release a lien on a vehicle and have a paper title mailed directly to the owner
  • Manage electronic liens and titles through an online ELT archive

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