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Salvage, Towing and Insurance Reporting (NMVTIS)

Auto Data Direct NMVTIS Services

Effective March 30, 2009, federal rules require insurance carriers, the salvage industry, towing companies and other businesses who handle total loss, junk and salvage vehicles to report to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) database.

Auto Data Direct, Inc. (ADD) contracts with the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) to provide insurance carriers, auto recyclers, salvage yards, junk yards, tow companies and salvage pools with the ability to upload vehicle information to NMVTIS.

ADD’s NMVTIS upload tools help all affected businesses comply with the new reporting requirement. The web-based program is easy to use and accessible from any computer with an internet connection.

Why is NMVTIS reporting important?

In order to prevent fraudulent activities such as VIN cloning and brand washing, it is essential to maintain accurate salvage and end-of-life data when a vehicle changes title from state to state. In 2005 alone, some 570,000 vehicles were damaged by hurricanes. In 2009, over 650,000 vehicles were recycled under the Cash for Clunkers program. It is important to keep track of these vehicles so that they do not end up back on the road.

The NMVTIS database also helps automobile buyers, automobile dealers and insurance carriers research vehicles quickly and efficiently to make sure a used car has not been totaled or rebuilt without their knowledge. NMVTIS provides a clear chain of possession for end-of-life vehicles as they move from an insurer to an auction to a recycler and finally to a shredder. It helps law enforcement prevent theft and fraud by reducing thieves' ability to steal vehicles and swap out VIN plates, or get clean titles on stolen vehicles. NMVTIS also evens the playing field for recyclers by preventing thieves from buying severely damaged vehicles at auctions for incredibly high prices in order to switch VIN plates with a stolen vehicle, or use the damaged vehicle’s clean title for a theft vehicle.

Choose either Insurance , Salvage or Towing for industry-specific NMVTIS information .

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