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Coming Soon! Plate to VIN Inquiry

for Towing on Wednesday, September 2, 2020 by Michele Lee
Update! Now Available, Learn More

Coming soon! Plate to VIN vehicle information for ADD’s towing and recovery customers!

Have you ever not been able to make out the VIN on a tow ticket? Or maybe the VIN wasn’t on the tow ticket at all?

Now at your fingertips, ADD users will be able to simply type the license plate number into the DMV123 system by selecting the Plate to VIN inquiry from the DMV123 state drop-down menu. The vehicle’s VIN will be returned within seconds.

Included in the Plate to VIN inquiry is the year, make, and model of the vehicle. From the returned VIN, you can easily access the DMV123 title record and process your DPO notification letters.

For only $.48 per inquiry, the Plate to VIN inquiry will save you time and added frustration. Plate to VIN is set to launch for all ADD towing and recovery customers on September 2nd.

Please contact customer support at with any questions.