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Social Distancing for Florida Dealers Made Easy

for Dealers on Monday, May 11, 2020 by Steven Sampaio

Have the recent COVID-19 events made it more difficult for you as a dealer to complete your title and registration paperwork in a timely manner due to the closures of various DMV and Tax Collector offices in the state of Florida?

Thankfully, the Dealer Services department of Auto Data Direct has got you covered in these uncertain times. If you are a Florida dealer and you need to complete your paperwork for your customers in a timely manner while maintaining social distancing standards, then the Electronic Filing System (EFS) may be the right program for you.

The EFS system works as though it were a virtual visit to your local tax collector’s office by allowing you to start a permanent transaction, and hand your customer their metal plate when they purchase their new vehicle. With your customer hitting the road, you can then complete the titling paperwork from the safety of your dealership or even your home office. All you need is a computer, a printer and an internet connection!

After a rather quick application process through the state and county of your choice, all our EFS setups are completed by our qualified sales agents in your area who will offer expert training and who will also calibrate your printer for registration stickers through a video chat program to stick to social distancing guidelines.

If you are interested in completing your title and registration work during this national quarantine and avoiding the long lines at your tax collector’s office once business returns to normal, please contact our customer service department at 850-877-8804 or send an email to and we will have our friendly sales agent in your area contact you as soon as possible.