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DMV123 Expands Access to Massachusetts and Illinois Records

for All Industries on Monday, December 14, 2020 by Beth Williams

It’s the season for surprises and ADD has a few up our sleeve for our valued customers. If your business depends on our DMV123 real-time owner/lienholder data to get transactions completed, your job just got easier! We’re happy to announce access to records is expanding!

We are continuously looking for ways to expand access in states we already work with. All states have specific requirements about which industry group can access its records based on its rules and regulations. Our team works hard to ensure that, if there is an opportunity to expand to new groups, we take advantage on behalf of ADD account holders. Recently we have been able to receive additional access in Massachusetts for tow/wrecker operators. In Illinois, automobile dealers and finance companies, along with insurers, are now allowed to access those records.

There are other discussions and development efforts going as we publish this newsletter regarding access in other jurisdictions. All of these activities are aimed at meeting our goal of providing the most accurate records, in the most efficient manner, to the broadest number of our DPPA qualified customers.

By working with DMV leaders throughout the country to ensure data is secure and used for permissible uses only, ADD has created a unique and valuable resource that makes doing business easier, smarter, and safer. So, go ahead and check that DMV123 tab and drop-down box. There may be a holiday surprise waiting for you!