Look Ma! No Hands!

for All Industries on Tuesday, June 30, 2020 by Beth Williams

Remember when you used to ride your bicycle with no hands and felt like you were flying? Well, using ADD’s electronic web-based suite of tools is kind of like that. Being able to perform all of those significant business transactions from your desk, with no need to go to the post office or wait for a response from a state or local agency, lets you fly through your work without exposing yourself or your staff to unnecessary risks.

ADD’s DirectPost-Office (DPO) is a great example of how technology can improve your business and your life, especially with today’s health concerns. Let’s say you are a tow company in one of the states where ADD offers state-specific lien and sale notification letters. And, let’s say one of your trucks just brought in a vehicle with an Oklahoma tag. Through your ADD account, you can – in minutes – obtain the owner and lienholder data from Oklahoma’s motor vehicle database, merge that data into the appropriate letter(s), and literally “take it to the post office” with a click of your mouse, never leaving your desk.

Whether it’s accessing those must-have, accurate real-time owner and lienholder records, reporting to NMVTIS, processing a vehicle registration and issuing a metal plate in Florida, performing an electronic lien and title function, or sending out those certified letters, ADD’s electronic platform provides a unique approach to safely and efficiently fly through your most important business transactions from the safety of your office.