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ADD and Tow Management System Integrations Improve Workflow

for Towing on Wednesday, September 2, 2020 by Michele Lee

Did you know that integrations with tow management systems help provide key services to customers they would not otherwise offer?  Most tow management systems that integrate with Auto Data Direct provide a seamless integration where the customer isn’t aware they are leaving the TMS’s site, or they may provide a link that takes them to ADD’s website where the account user enters ADD credentials to run state records or perform other tasks. 

ADD’s letter tools, real-time state record searches, and NMVTIS reports are valuable tools used by tow companies, mechanic shops, title companies, and other industries across the U.S.  When a tow management system integrates with ADD, these tools can be used to keep all records of notification to owners in one database. 

If you use a tow management system and are interested in learning more about how to use the integration, please contact any one of the partners listed below:

  • Auto Return
  • Omadi
  • Ranger
  • Towbook – Integration in process
  • Tracker
  • VTS