ADD’s Electronic Lien and Title Service Comes to Nevada


On October 1, 2016 participation in the new Nevada Electronic Lien and Title service will become mandatory for Nevada businesses recording 27 or more liens per year. Mandatory compliance for all lienholders will be in effect by fall of 2017.

Auto Data Direct is ready to provide you with a modern, easy-to-use system to manage your Electronic Lien and Title records. ADD’s ELT system allows you to easily satisfy liens, convert them to a paper title, and have the paper title mailed directly to you with the click of a button. Included is a powerful security feature, LienLock, which notifies the lienholder if a lien asset is reported stolen, offered for sale on eBay, intended for export, and more!

In order to enroll in the Nevada ELT program, you must complete the Nevada ELT application with your intended start date and enrollment letter declaring ADD as your ELT vendor. Once we have these documents, they are submitted to the state and you will receive your ELT number to use on the VP-222 soon after. When your title paperwork is processed, your liens are deposited into your ADD account to manage. You can download the forms and instructions right from the ADD website!

For more information, email ADD or call one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives at (866) 923-3123. Se habla español.