ADD Named Authorized Agent for Salvage Reporting in Tennessee

by   BETH WILLIAMS   on   FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2016   in   NMVTIS

Auto Data Direct, Inc. (ADD) is the authorized agent for scrap metal processors, secondary metal recyclers, auto recyclers, dismantlers, and used motor vehicle parts dealers in Tennessee to fulfill their state regulations under T.C.A. 55-3-202 (Public Chapter 466) which went into effect July 1, 2016. Based on this new statute, the affected businesses will need to report their purchases of salvage vehicles, within 24 hours of purchase, electronically through ADD. Once reporting to ADD has occurred, it will report to the state of Tennessee as required and will transmit the appropriate records to NMVTIS on behalf of the reporting business, completing the federal reporting requirement. All records reported will be checked for any “active” stolen VINs and reporting businesses will be notified if a reported VIN is found to be stolen.

As with industry members in Georgia where ADD is the exclusive agent for reporting, these services are free of charge to the reporting businesses. The new Tennessee statute also allows businesses to purchase vehicles without titles if all of the appropriate information is collected; the vehicle is at least 12 years old or older; and the business and the seller complete the State approved Title Substitution Statement.

Current ADD account holders can access the Tennessee Salvage Reporting tools through their existing accounts. Please note that after the July 1, 2016 effective date, additional information will be required as part of the entry and a completed Title Substitution Statement will be generated when entering purchased vehicles.

For more information, email ADD or call one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives at (866) 923-3123. Se habla español.