We've Got Your Back

From national theft checks to NMVTIS reporting reminders, ADD helps you protect your business and stay compliant.

From the beginning, Auto Data Direct has been on hand to help customers understand regulations and comply with state and federal requirements. This is especially true for customers who buy and sell salvage vehicles that are affected by the federal salvage reporting requirements. In addition to its easy-to-use salvage reporting tools, ADD offers additional services to help users prove compliance, keep reporting on track and verify a vehicle's theft status. Are you taking advantage of all the tools available in your ADD account?

  • Upload Compliance Reports - ADD users can access a printable list of the number of unique VINs reported under their NMVTIS ID, by month. If a business has more than one NMVTIS ID, each ID is listed separately. To access the report, log in and select the NMVTIS Vehicle Upload tab, then the NMVTIS Compliance Report tab.
  • Proof of Reporting Receipts - Many states now require specific proof that a vehicle has been reported in order to process salvage title applications, certificates of destruction or other state forms. To meet this need, ADD offers printable receipts listing the VIN, the date and time the vehicle was reported and the reported status. Reporting receipts are available in the Record Manifest for Full Service customers, or via email for Basic Service users.
  • Upload reminders - Often, employee turnover or a busy month can cause businesses fall behind in salvage reporting to NMVTIS. To help keep reporting on track, ADD sends reminder emails if no records are submitted for two months. The emails are simple reminders to help make sure that businesses stay up-to-date with salvage vehicle reporting and in compliance with the federal NMVTIS regulations.
  • National Theft Check – Along with NMVTIS reporting tools, ADD offers its uses access to a title history and theft check. The report includes information on a vehicle's current state of title, odometer information and a nationwide theft check. Not only is this report a useful point-of-purchase decision-making tool, it also includes the free upload of that vehicle's information to the NMVTIS database, if you need to report it.
    The 50-state theft check can help any business purchasing vehicles make a good faith effort to ensure a vehicle hasn't been reported stolen, avoiding the headaches, legal fees and damage to corporate image that comes with unintentionally purchasing a theft vehicle.

    ADD has your back when it comes to protecting your business, and our friendly customer service staff is always willing to help. For questions on ADD’s theft check and NMVTIS compliance tools, email us or call one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives at (866) 923-3123.