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ADD Announces NMVTIS Basic Service

for Insurance, Mechanic / Body Shop, Private Investigators, Salvage and Wreckers on Thursday, June 3, 2010 by Sarah Kathryn McRae

For Immediate Release

Auto Data Direct, Inc. (ADD) today announced that it will begin providing a free motor vehicle reporting option to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) for the auto recycling and insurance industries. The free service will allow users to satisfy federal reporting requirements by uploading junk, salvage and total loss vehicle data to the national database. The first of three approved data consolidators, ADD will also become the first to offer a free reporting option.

The NMVTIS database is designed to protect consumers by creating a single source for automobile title and brand data to be stored, shared and retrieved. While the program is more than a year old, database administrators indicate that across the junk, salvage and insurance industries only 7,800 entities have registered with NMVTIS, and of those less than half are actively reporting.

ADD’s goal is to increase NMVTIS compliance by providing a simple no-cost reporting method for the more than 20,000 regulated businesses required to submit junk, salvage and total loss vehicle data. “What we’re trying to do is help every affected company, large and small, provide data to this valuable vehicle information system,” said Jim Taylor, president of ADD. “With a free option available, there’s no reason not to report.”

ADD’s new “Basic Service” accounts will provide web-based individual VIN reporting with confirmation receipts sent via email. ADD has rebranded its current accounts “Full Service” accounts. Full Service accounts will continue to offer advanced business tools such as batch upload and business-to-business connections to expedite reporting as well as full report archives and management system compatibility, all for a small per-report fee.

Existing NMVTIS accounts will remain Full Service accounts and keep all current services, tools and options. Existing accounts will not change unless the master user requests a downgrade.

Federal rules, which went into effect in March 2009, require all businesses that handle junk, salvage and total loss vehicles to report them to the national database through a data consolidator, and provide for a civil penalty of up to $1,000 fine for each reporting violation. To date, over 16 million vehicle reports have been submitted. NMVTIS information is available to consumers as a part of a NMVTIS Vehicle History Report. These histories contain state titling information, odometer readings and state “brand” information such as “Flood” or “Rebuilt” in addition to the junk, salvage and insurance reports.