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Are Your Employees Safe Drivers?

on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 by Erin Miller

In 2008, more than 5.2 million citations were issued to Florida’s 14 million licensed drivers. That averages out to a citation apiece for around 37% of the population. For business owners, especially businesses that require employees to drive as a part of their job, a driver license history can give owners peace of mind before handing over the keys to a company vehicle. Auto Data Direct (ADD) offers Florida driving history reports direct from the DMV, without the hassle. ADD’s reports are printed in an easy-to-read format that explains the codes and citations to provide the information you want, when you want it.

ADD accesses driving records from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) official databases, the same source used by insurance companies and other businesses to check driving records. A Florida driving record provides information detailing a person’s driving history, which may include driving violations, license suspensions, restrictions or other information. The Florida DHSMV keeps Florida driving record information on file for a minimum of 11 years, but more serious motor vehicle infractions may remain on a record longer.

ADD offers three options when ordering a driver license history: a three-year, a seven-year, or an eleven-year (Complete) report. Both the three and seven- year driver history provide the status of the license (eligible or ineligible), the current address on file with the DHSMV, driving infractions adjudicated by the courts and any restrictions and suspensions for the driver during the past three or seven years as recorded by the Florida DHSMV. Non- moving violations will appear on reports, however three or seven-year reports contain only infractions that have been adjudicated by the courts during the period. For example, if a driver receives a speeding ticket and chooses to attend “traffic school,” the license points and speeding infraction are considered “adjudication withheld” and will not appear on the three-year or seven-year report. It is important to note that insurance rates are most commonly based on a three-year Florida driving report.

ADD’s Complete driver history report provides the status of the license (eligible or ineligible), the current address on file with the DHSMV, as well as all adjudicated and non-adjudicated driving infractions, tickets, restrictions, suspensions, correspondence and driving schools during the past eleven years as recorded by the Florida DHSMV. Complete eleven-year reports contain all driving infractions and correspondences from the Florida DHSMV to the driver, as well as any infractions reported by other states during that period. Serious infractions may remain longer than eleven years. Companies must set up a corporate account with ADD to access services that provide personal information as described in the Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1999.