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Car shopping now? Get a vehicle history from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) before you buy. To begin a vehicle history search, enter a VIN in the search box below.

The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) is a federal database containing automobile information from states, insurance carriers and the salvage industry. The information is available to the public, and can provide valuable information about a vehicle’s history.

Auto Data Direct (ADD) offers Vehicle History Reports that provides information from a vehicle’s current title, including the vehicle’s brand history, title history, and any reported odometer readings. NMVTIS vehicle reports will also tell you if a vehicle has been reported as “salvage” or a total loss by an insurance company or a self-insuring organization, and lists reports from auto recyclers who may have handled the vehicle.

Vehicle histories are only $9.95 for a report containing information from participating state DMVs, insurance carriers, salvage auctions and auto recyclers. No account is necessary to purchase vehicle history reports; however, corporate entities may wish to establish an ADD account to retrieve NMVTIS vehicle histories at a reduced volume-based rate.

Sample Reports

NMVTIS is intended to serve as a source of title and brand history for automobiles, but it does not contain owner or lien holder information or detailed information regarding a vehicle’s repair history.

View a sample clean vehicle history and a sample salvage vehicle history or read the Consumer Access Disclaimer.


NMVTIS allows an electronic means to verify and exchange titling, brand, and odometer data among motor vehicle administrators, law enforcement officials, prospective purchasers, and insurance carriers. Auto Data Direct, Inc. (ADD) contracts with the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) to provide multi-state vehicle data using NMVTIS. NMVTIS is a department of Justice database operated by AAMVA.

NMVTIS data allows state titling agencies to verify the validity of ownership documents before they issue new titles. NMVTIS also keeps a history of all “brands” applied by any state to the vehicle. Brands are labels that define the status of a vehicle such as Flood, Salvage, or Rebuilt. NMVTIS helps ensure that brands are not removed from a title as a vehicle moves from one titling state to another.

Vehicle history reports provide, when available:

  • Junk, salvage, and insurance total loss data
  • Current state of title
  • Previous state of title
  • Title issue dates
  • Odometer readings
  • Current brand(s)
  • Previous brand(s)
  • Date the brands were applied (in NMVTIS-compliant states)

Why is NMVTIS important?

  • Auto fraud is a profitable business.
  • VIN cloning is a growing trend.
  • Some 570,000 vehicles were affected in 2005 by hurricanes. These vehicles are now perfect targets for vehicle title fraud, also known as brand washing.