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for Mechanic / Body Shop, Repossession Agency and Wreckers on Monday, June 28, 2010 by Erin Miller

As Auto Data Direct expands its towing services and Direct Post-Office tools outside of Florida, we want to welcome our growing list of Texas towing customers and highlight the services that have made us an indispensable part of the Florida towing industry for over 10 years. ADD’s inquiry services let tow companies search for vehicle owner, registration/title information and lien holder information in Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida and Arkansas. Auto Data Direct is constantly adding services and tools to help customers work smarter and faster, and by the end of the year ADD will have added motor vehicle record access to New Mexico, Tennessee, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina and South Carolina.

ADD’s inquiry tools allow users to search each state’s vehicle information by tag, title or VIN number and retrieve real-time information to notify vehicle owners and lien holders. If you’re not sure in which state a vehicle is registered, ADD also offers a Multi-State Title Pointer from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). While the Multi-State Title Pointer does not return owner or lien holder information, it can help you identify the titling jurisdiction and provide direction for ADD’s state inquiries or let you know how to request information from that state.

The Direct Post-Office (DPO) letter program is an incredible time-saving tool for Florida towing companies and we have no doubt that Texas operators will feel the same way. Using the owner/lien holder information from an ADD query, users can create a certified notification letter and skip the trip to the post office. DPO helps tow companies create electronic certified notification letters, as well as track their progress and print delivery confirmation details, all of which streamlines the notification process in a cost-effective way. As Texas increases its regulations for tow operators, ADD can help cut paperwork down to size with online forms and electronic notification letters.

Currently, ADD offers certified electronic versions of Texas Notification Letters, as well as Storage Lien for Licensed Vehicle Storage Facility forms (TX VTR-265-VSF) which allow you to search for and pre-populate the vehicle and owner information, then print out the form for processing. Coming soon to Texas services, ADD will provide a newspaper advertisement tool for users to create and print newspaper auction notifications.

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